Grants4Growth – Capital Grants

Capital grants are available for SMEs that need a lump sum of money:

    • To invest in technology or systems that will help them grow, become more resilient, create new jobs or safeguard existing ones
    • To become more efficient; in terms of improved waste management, water or energy usage or streamlining processes
    • To invest in technology and processes that will enable the business to minimise their environmental impact

    Capital grants will be awarded for up to 28% of the total capital cost of the project, with a maximum amount available of £6,500 per grant. For example, a business spending £22,500 on a piece of machinery could get a grant of up to £6,300 to support this purchase.

    The Grants4Growth panel meets weekly and each application is assessed on its potential to create jobs and achieve business growth. In exceptional circumstances – for organisations likely to achieve extraordinary outputs with the support of the grant – the panel has the authority to exceed the maximum limit.

    Lindy Warmer is Norfolk and Suffolk’s Business Broker and will help you determine if you are eligible for Grants4Growth funding. Before making any formal application, please call Lindy on 01362 656235 or 07748 116931, or email

    You can visit the Grants4Growth website here.